Santa maria del pino alella

10 Jul Colegio Santa María del Pino, Alella

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Santa María del Pino is a private school, with just one class per grade. The school is located in a serene and quiet area without noise near the centre of Alella, in a valley located between the mountains and vineyards in the Maresme. While Catalan and Spanish are the school’s primary languages, they have recently launched an ambitious language project in which the school will progressively increase the use of English, so that it becomes a fully trilingual school. This project includes having native British teachers in our Kindergarten classes. Psychomotricity is also in English, as well as chess and violin lessons. Throughout Primary and Secondary school, English classes are divided in small groups in order to encourage immersion and conversation Science is also taught in English.

Languages of instruction: Spanish, Catalan
Other languages: English, French

Contact Details:

Riera Coma Clara, 19 – 21, 08328 Alella, Barcelona / +34 935 554 411 / [email protected] / www.pinoalella.com/en/home-3/


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